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New Low Odour Swab Sampling Kit Specially Designed for Food Industry

Technical Service Consultants Ltd has supplied a full range of environmental monitoring products through the Enviroscreen range for over 20 years. These include swab sampling system & sampling sponges for surface monitoring, carcasses sampling kits, and products for environmental sampling of poultry flocks.

The Enviroscreen range of TSC products was recently extended by the addition of a Swab Sampling Kit with Universal Neutralising Buffer specially designed for food contact and environmental surfaces.

Within the food industry, chlorine based disinfectants are the main sanitisers. Normally, thiosulphate is added to neutralise any chlorine disinfectant residues to obtain accurate surface counts. TSC has formulated its new neutraliser with the same broad neutralisation as utilised in all Enviroscreen products but has omitted the thiosulphate by using alternative chemistry. This alteration permits its use in Petrifilm applications, and also makes it desirable where low odour is required.

TSC Universal Neutraliser Kit is presented in a vacuum sealed clear pouch for sterility and reassurance. As with all Enviroscreen products the neutralising fluid maintains any captured organisms without encouraging growth allowing full factory sampling to be performed in one session.

The Universal Neutraliser Kit is a convenient, cost effective means of maintaining and predicting factory hygiene issues which can be so crucial in today's quality driven society. Having the ability to sustain constant production whilst actively monitoring cleanliness will increase site and labour efficiency whilst decreasing unexpected down times, ultimately improving profits.

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Posted on February 20, 2009