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TSC Launches a New Range of Micro-Cryopreservative Products

Technical Service Consultants Ltd (TSC) have been manufacturing PROTECT which is a cryopreservative system intended for the long term storage of microorganisms at low temperatures for over 20 years. PROTECT is suitable for the long term storage of bacteria, fungi, yeasts plus those more fastidious, complex and delicate microorganisms. PROTECT has been specifically designed for maintaining stock cultures and control organisms reducing the risk of mutation and contamination associated with continual subculturing.

TSC have recently launched into the market four new PROTECT SELECT products covering specific groups of microorganisms and their specific applications.

PROTECT SELECT ANAEROBE has been designed for enhanced survival of anaerobes and other fastidious microorganisms including Clostridium, Bacteroides, Propionibacterium, Prevotella and Fusobacterium. Increased performance of cryopreservative medium in this product is achieved with increased viscosity and oxygen removal.

PROTECT SELECT YEAST & MOULD offers cryopreservative medium with easier suspension of fungal spores from species such as Aspergillus and Penicillium. It offers prolonged preservation of yeast cells such as Candida and Saccharomyces.

is based upon the ISO-formulation, the cryopreservative medium provides dedicated storage of microorganisms from milk and dairy products. It may also be used to hold isolates from rinse waters and environmental samples.

PROTECT SELECT MEAT FREE provides the biotechnological and pharmaceutical sector with a guaranteed BSE/TSE (Bovine/transmissible encephalopathy) free alternative. The product is totally manufactured from certified vegetable derivatives offering assured storage of valuable microorganisms used within the manufacture of proprietary and veterinary medicines, without the need to compromise on vessel performance or quality.

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Posted on September 9, 2008