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PROTECT Bead Storage Now Available for Anaerobes, Dairy, Yeast/Mould and Meat Free

PROTECT The Original Bead Storage System for the Preservation of Microorganisms

Technical Service Consultants Ltd [TSC] have launched a new range of Protect Bacterial Preservation beads to compliment their existing range. This product, manufactured within the UK is now available worldwide.

Protect is a unique microorganism preservation system suitable for the long term storage of bacteria, fungi and yeasts. The system consists of new and improved slimline vials with porous ceramic beads suspended within a cryopreservative fluid which prevents cells from damage during freezing and thawing.

TSC now offer four new members to the Protect family.

  • Anaerobe Protect has been designed specifically for problematic organisms such as anaerobes.

  • Meat Free Protect for Pharmaceutical/Bio-fermentation which is an alternative to TSC traditional Protect where TSE/BSE - free materials are vital

  • Yeasts and Moulds have been developed with spore grab to aid easy suspension of spores and large number of yeast cells as required in chemostat-fermentation processes.

  • Dairy Protect provides the ideal standard to maintain all dairy microorganisms isolated from milk and dairy based products. Can also be used to hold isolates associated with rinse waters and environmental monitoring

TSC are offering any interested parties to ‘Try before you buy´, contact TSC for product samples and be included on our Protect mailing list, using the 'request more information' form at the bottom of this page.

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Posted on April 4, 2008