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Instrument Data Comes Together Through LimsLink

Laboratories can now raise productivity by linking a wide range of instruments across a common interface platform using the new LimsLink software from Autoscribe.

This powerful Windows® based software can link instruments and LIMS (such as Autoscribe Matrix LIMS) into a seamless automated solution to maintain data integrity across an entire laboratory. The versatile two way communication helps manage data flow to and from various sources, whilst flexible data processing and configurable user displays address many needs.

LimsLink reduces the level of technical analyst involvement through direct data transfer and raises efficiency by automating the collection, calculation and reporting of laboratory data. Comprehensive reports with data from multiple instruments are easy to create, whilst common statistical SPC tools have been incorporated. User security access has also been addressed to meet the latest ISO standards.

Laboratories would typically use LimsLink to generate work lists from a LIMS system, communicate with various instruments, transfer work lists to an instrument, combine results from multiple instruments, review results and automatically perform calculations. An optional control module is also available to automate various instruments such as robots, samplers, detectors, meters, pumps and dilutors through an RS232 link.

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Posted on June 7, 2004