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LIMS Contract Success for Autoscribe

UK software developer Autoscribe today announced one of the fastest and successful trading periods of its twenty three year history. Since December 2003, eleven Matrix LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) software packages have been ordered by leading laboratories throughout the world. Five systems have been implemented already and the rest are due for completion within the next month.

One key customer with Autoscribe, has placed its fifth successive order. Companies from France, Greece and Holland have also ordered the latest Matrix LIMS package. All deals include pre and post sales service, full implementation of the software, and configuration at the point of use.

Managing Director, John Boother says: "We are absolutely delighted with the recent sales. This has been the fastest period of growth in our recent history and reflects the commitment to our core customers in the pharmaceutical, food and general scientific sectors who demand flexible LIMS solutions that are easy to use and configure. It is further testament to our dedicated engineering sales and support team who ensure customers receive the most appropriate and cost-effective system for their needs."

The global LIMS market is extremely competitive. Current estimates value it at $290m with a projected growth of 4.8 per cent over the next five years*. Autoscribe has made its mark in this sector through Matrix LIMS, a highly intuitive software program that is easy to install and configure around individual needs. The first version was launched in 1996, and is currently running into its fifth upgrade with new flexible user interfaces, and full configuration of screen formats, menus, security profiles, calculations and reporting screens.

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Posted on May 10, 2004