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A Weight Off Your Mind

New software for collecting routine weight measurement data from laboratory balances and scales has been introduced by Autoscribe.

Balancetalk is pre-configured to collect data from most makes of laboratory balance and to transfer it directly into a spreadsheet or LIMS database as required. There is no complicated implementation to go through, so the set-up takes just a few minutes, and the gains in accuracy and efficiency are immediate. User-defined prompts permit the collected weight data to be matched to sample batch numbers, user names and product description etc.

Automating data collection through Balancetalk removes the possibility of transcription errors when recording results. However, Balancetalk is more than a rapid and accurate data recording tool. It is also pre-configured with many standard weighing applications including moisture analysis, check weighing, density measurement , content uniformity, difference and counting. Standard wastewater templates are also available for total % solids, total suspended solids and total volatile solids.

Further applications can be configured by the user, confirming Balancetalk as a user-friendly tool that will improve efficiency and accuracy in many of the microbiologist's routine yet most important tasks.

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Posted on September 27, 2004