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GenIUL introduces the PhAST Blue - Detect Only Live Cells by PCR

PhAST neutralizes DNA of dead cells The PhAST instrument neutralizes the DNA of dead organisms through the use of photo-activated intercalating agents,

Treating samples with the system enables the detection of DNA only from living cells by conventional PCR or Real Time PCR.
Key Features and Benefits:
  • The PhAST is thermally stable with a constant and uniform LED light dose. It allows simultaneous photo-activation of 12 samples in a simple and efficient manner.

  • PhAST's patented technology combines high power LED with correct optical alignment of the reaction tube to ensure maximum efficiency in the binding of reagent to DNA.

  • It is possible to change the parameters of the light intensity and its cycles of exposure by connecting the instrument to a PC through a USB. All customized programs can be saved.

  • The system increases lab productivity at a low cost.
GenIUL also supplies the photoactivated intercalating agents in monodose microtubes.

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Posted on January 24, 2011