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New ISO 16140 Validated Media for Enumeration of B. cereus in Food

BACARA chromogenic media for B.cereus
Microbiology specialist AESCHEMUNEX has launched a new, unique product in its range of pre-poured chromogenic media that enables the enumeration without any confirmation of Bacillus cereus.

The BACARA® method has been developed to ensure excellent recovery of B. cereus, providing positive colonies in just 24 hours without confirmatory testing. Some 24 hours earlier than by traditional culture methods - chromogenic agents within the medium are used to detect the enzymatic activities of allowing them to be clearly differentiated on the culture plate.
This new technology improves the recovery and differentiation of B. cereus by selectively reducing background flora, allowing clearer visualisation of target colonies in mixed cultures.

After a 24 - hour incubation step, B. cereus will appear as orange colonies surrounded by a zone of precipitation. BACARA agar overcomes any issues with atypical colony forms and requires no further confirmatory tests. In a recent evaluation, BACARA demonstrated enhanced sensitivity and specificity when compared to traditional Bacillus culture medium (MYP).

Chromogenic technology for the detection of B. cereus enables faster detection and improved sensitivity compared with classical culture media, reducing the need for subculture or confirmatory testing. The validation of the method according to ISO16140 has been approved by AFNOR certification.

For more information visit www.aeschemunex.com.

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Source : AES Chemunex [France]
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Posted on July 22, 2010