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Study Finds SMASHER® Food Sample Blender only needs 15 Seconds

Smasher food sample blender
A new French food safety agency study has found the SMASHER® Food Sample Blender needs only 15 seconds instead of 1 or 2 minutes!

Smasher®, the novel food sample paddle blender has been evaluated by the French agency for food safety (AFSSA) in a comprehensive study on 150 samples with 2 main objectives:
1 - Test the contamination homogeneity of a chicken carcass in order to validate its use as a sample to make the comparative study between conventional and Smasher® blenders.

2 - Test the Smasher® at different blending durations vs. conventional blending device with homogeneously contaminated samples.

The conclusion underlines Smasher's outstanding efficiency for the food sample microbial analysis preparation:

'The results obtained from 150 samples for each condition showed that the Smasher® tested at 15 and 30 seconds blending times made it possible to obtain results similar to those of the conventional blender tested at a 60 second blending time. The statistical analyses made showed that the differences between the three blending times were not significant.'

What Makes the Smasher® Food Sample Blender Different?
It is a very long time since significant innovations have been introduced on paddle type lab blenders, but the introduction of the Smasher® has already been welcomed by many food microbiology laboratories.

Thank to its patented SMASH effect, Smasher® first crushes the sample in record time and then automatically adjusts the speed to ensure a perfect homogenisation of the enrichment broth. In the case of difficult samples (hard or voluminous samples), Smasher® automatically resets the paddles position and retries powerfully several times. The operator doesn't need to reposition the blender bag.

A particular attention has been taken to guaranteeing an efficient cleaning and disinfection. It has a leak proof chamber with integrated waste drawer. The blender can be tilted back at 45° if required for improved access. A new improvement allows the user to remove the paddles within 2 seconds without any tools! - Last but not least, Smasher® is about 20 times quieter than all other bag blenders available on the market.

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Source : AES Chemunex [France]
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Posted on November 18, 2009