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Dilumat® S Improves Lab Efficiency for Jean Brient Group

Mrs Ruffien, Laboratory Manager
Mrs Ruffien, Lab Manager at the Jean Brient Group with the Dilumat® S
The Jean Brient group is present in the major, large supermarket chains (Systeme U, Leclerc, Carrefour, Casino, etc.) in France with its delicatessen and salted pork products. It employs over 250 people at its two sites in Ille-et-Vilaine (Antrain and Mordelles).

Mrs Ruffien, the Laboratory Manager at Jean Brient, Mordelles (France) says 'In our control laboratory, we analyse around 40 samples a day. They come from our various types of processed pork products, black puddings, roast pork, ham, pate, etc. We also carry out environmental analyses."

"Previously, for the sample dilution stage, we used a manual method with ready-to-use glass broth bottles. The disadvantages of this method lay in dealing with the glass: the possibility of breakage, the volume of the glass, and the cost of waste disposal. What´s more, it took up a great deal of time, and the operation was very tedious (repetitive movements).

Preparing the reagents (in bottles) also used to be very time-consuming, compared with the Dilumat® S ready-to-use bags, which also save us storage space and time spent putting them away.

We were won over to the Dilumat® S because of it is convenience, its performance (for example, the dilution accuracy), the time it saves us — and above all, the end cost of the analysis using the Dilumat® S was very attractive.

We found it very easy to get used to it - we were up and running on our own right from Day 1. We´re very satisfied with the Dilumat® S: it takes up very little bench space, it´s simple to use (we use it with Dilubag® diluent bags) and program, and its automatic arm makes it very user-friendly. It saves us a very appreciable amount of time, as the fully automatic dilution lets us do ‘other things´ at the same time. This has enabled us to reorganize things in the laboratory more efficiently. "

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Source : AES Chemunex [France]
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Posted on March 30, 2009