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New SAS Stand for Highly Stable Air Sampling

Air Sampler stand
Suppliers of the SAS range of microbial air samplers for over 20 years, Cherwell Laboratories has designed and introduced the new SAS Stand, ideal for any situation where a tripod is not required. Manufactured from stainless steel, the stand is quickly and easily attached to any portable SAS sampler. This provides a sturdy and robust platform that greatly improves the stability of all SAS samplers whatever their location, from clean rooms and isolators to operating theatres, food premises and even composting sites.

The SAS Stand is the latest innovation that Cherwell Laboratories has introduced to its SAS range in direct response to customer requests to minimise the risk of costly accidental damage to their samplers. All features have been carefully considered by the Company, including specially designed cut-outs in the stand. These enable the sampler to be programmed for start delay and interval sampling for example, as well as used and recharged without needing to remove it from the stand.

The SAS range of microbial air samplers includes a wide selection of portable handheld units, including the high speed SAS Super 180 with a sampling rate of 180 litres per minute, enabling it to complete a cubic metre in under 6 minutes. The new SAS stand is particularly useful for the SAS Duo 360 sampler which simultaneously samples using its two sampling heads and, if positioned vertically, is less stable.

At the forefront of portable microbial samplers for over 30 years, the SAS range was originally developed in Milan, Italy, and the units are now sold worldwide. The standard SAS units use readily available Contact (RODAC) plates, thereby avoiding costly, specialist consumables. An alternative Petri dish version is now also available.

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Posted on June 3, 2009