Gas Impermeable Packaging for Gamma Irradiated Agar Plates

Redipor Barrier Pack
The new Redipor Barrier Pack range from Cherwell Laboratories has been specifically developed and fully validated in response to the increasing use of vaporised hydrogen peroxide (VHP) decontamination methods.

This new line of gas impermeable packaging for the Redipor range of irradiated prepared microbiological media ensures that there is no risk of false negatives following the use of VHP for sterilising isolators, clean rooms and pharmaceutical processing equipment.
All Barrier Pack products feature a totally clear gas impermeable layer which is guaranteed to prevent the ingress of decontamination gases such as VHP, whilst still allowing easy examination of the contents before use in the critical environment. In addition, packs are exceptionally easy to open with gloved hands and each pack has a convenient hole punched outside the seal to facilitate its hanging for decontamination purposes.

The performance of the new Barrier Pack line of gas impermeable packaging has been tested and fully validated using extremely sensitive Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) detectors capable of detecting <1ppm. After repeated decontamination cycles using peak concentrations of >570ppm, absolutely no H2O2 was detected inside the Redipor Barrier Pack. Thus guaranteeing the viability of the Redipor prepared media sealed within it.

The production process for Redipor Barrier Pack products is exceptionally rigorous. Agar plates are poured aseptically on automated filling lines, conditioned at room temperature and every plate is inspected before being carefully sealed into the transparent, VHP impermeable bag. These are then over bagged with polythene, sealed, packed in lined boxes, sealed again and finally irradiated. Every batch of plates is tested for growth promotion after irradiation, with the results fully detailed on an accompanying certificate.

The Redipor range of irradiated prepared media can be used for a wide variety of applications within the pharmaceutical production environment, such as environmental monitoring, sterility testing, operator validation and quality control. In addition to plates, Cherwell's Redipor media is available in a number of formats including ampoules, injection bottles, vials and infusion bags. All of which have been designed to be conveniently stored at room temperature.

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Posted on April 29, 2009