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Redipor Barrier Pack - Gas Impermeable Packaging, the Advantages are Clear!

Redipor Barrier Pack

In response to the increasing use of vaporised hydrogen peroxide decontamination methods, Cherwell has developed a new range of gas impermeable packaging for the Redipor range.

Redipor irradiated plates were among the first to be available in the UK and have been developed for over 20 years into a range that meets the varied demands of our customers. Feedback from users provides the impetus for continuing improvement. Vaporised hydrogen peroxide decontamination led several users of triple wrap plates into validation of fertility after gassing and eventually a demand for validated impermeable packaging. The technology increased the desire for other features including a means of hanging the pack on a hook and an easier to open pack.

Redipor Barrier Pack is the result of a project to validate Redipor irradiated plate packaging for use with vaporised hydrogen peroxide decontamination methods. First it was necessary to find and validate a device and method for measuring the concentration of hydrogen peroxide inside the pack with a sensitivity of less than one ppm.

This work was begun with a manufacturer of vaporised hydrogen peroxide gassed isolator ports and completed with the help of the aseptic production unit of the pharmacy at St George's Hospital, Tooting. A passive dose meter that had sufficient sensitivity when sealed inside an irradiated bag was tested in a variety of types of bag.

Next we had to find a supplier of an impermeable laminated film and a converter who could make gas tight seals. Finally we had to produce packs of plates with a detector in each and expose them to repeated cycles of Hydrogen Peroxide vapour decontamination. The final validation of packs from our standard production (except for the inclusion of the detector tubes) was again conducted with the isolators at St George's.

The new pack has important advantages beyond impermeability; it is easier to open with gloved hands and is even more transparent than the traditional Redipor triple wrap. The laminated film has enabled us to print the Redipor Barrier Pack label between the layers for instant identification and each pack has a hole punched, outside the seal, to facilitate hanging for decontamination. All Redipor media is designed for room temperature storage.

Redipor Barrier Pack agar plates are poured aseptically on automated filling lines, conditioned at room temperature and every plate is inspected before being carefully sealed into a transparent, hydrogen peroxide vapour impermeable bag. They are then over bagged with polythene, sealed, packed in lined boxes, sealed, then irradiated. Every batch of plates is tested for growth promotion, after irradiation with the results detailed on a certificate

The Redipor range can also provide all the prepared media you need for environmental monitoring, sterility testing, operator validation and quality control. Plates, ampoules, bottles, injection vials and infusion bags in a range of sizes and fill volumes.

For further information on the Redipor range contact Cherwell Laboratories using the contact details at the top of this page.

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Posted on November 16, 2007