Charm Sciences Launches the Next Generation in ATP Hygiene Technology

Charm Sciences now have available the novaLUM™, a palm-sized luminometer that is packed with powerful HACCP-friendly tests to aid in ATP-based hygiene monitoring programs in the dairy, food and beverage processing industries.

The novaLUM’s revolutionary lightweight, ergonomic design offers unrivaled versatility with several ATP-based test applications, including validation of sanitation effectiveness and assessment of allergen control programs. The novaLUM features a complete numeric keyboard with a rocker toggle switch, as well as direct swab entry chamber design, ensuring the fastest pre-operational results.

The entire family of Charm ATP tests is designed for use with novaLUM, including PocketSwab® Plus, AllerGiene® and WaterGiene™.
The PocketSwab Plus single service hygiene test has improved shelf stability and no longer requires refrigeration.
AllerGiene is an ATP-based test with greatly enhanced sensitivity to aid in detection of potentially allergenic food residues.
WaterGiene is the most sensitive ATP indicator of water quality when run on the novaLUM.

All novaLUM tests are conveniently stored, tracked and trended by the new novaLINK™ software. The novaLUM stores 6000 test results and is configured to manage multiple sampling plans and surface types with a remarkable 400 test sites per plan.

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Posted on July 18, 2005