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Improved, Self-Contained ATP Rapid Hygiene Test with Room Temperature Stability

Charm Sciences now have available the Shelf Stable PocketSwab® Plus an improved self-contained, single service ATP rapid hygiene test that may be stored at 2-25° C.

The PocketSwab Plus is pre-filled with a special biofilm breaking agent to optimize sample collection. Reagents are unit dosed and compartmentalized to ensure uniformity. The releasing agent has been verified to quickly release ATP from all microbes, a critical determinant in sensitivity.

The test provides a true measure of 'hygiene' and 'cleanliness' by detecting both microorganisms and food/organic product residues present on surfaces, which may provide a nutritious medium for microbial growth and act as barriers to the direct action of both sanitizers and disinfectants.

An expanded storage temperature range creates added convenience and simplicity to a test regarded throughout the industry for its ease of use and flexibility. In addition to an increased storage temperature range, the test may be stored for up to six hours prior to activation after swabbing.

The food and beverage industry recognize the importance of cleaning and sanitizing as part of their Quality, SSOP, and HACCP programs. Along with Charm Science’s other ATP Hygiene tests, and the novaLUM™ luminometer, the PocketSwab Plus enhances food safety programs as part of a total brand protection strategy with immediate feedback to monitor and guide the sanitation process.

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Posted on July 11, 2005