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Celsis Launches RapiScreen™ Beverage Microbial Screening System for UHT and ESL

Celsis International plc have launched RapiScreen™ Beverage, a new assay for use on the Celsis Innovate - the company´s proven rapid microbial screening instrument for dairy products. This new rapid screening test kit extends the Celsis Innovate platform to efficiently and rapidly screen Ultra Heat Treated (UHT) and Extended Shelf Life (ESL) beverage products for microbial contamination.

The flexibility and high-throughput of the Celsis Innovate system makes it ideal for companies that produce beverage and dairy products alike. The RapiScreen Beverage kit works on everything from clear to pulpy juices, from broths to soups, with no filtering necessary.

'Many of our dairy industry customers are expanding their product portfolios to include non-dairy products such as nutritional shakes and fruit- or broth-based items,' said Judy Madden, VP of the Celsis Rapid Detection division. 'With the addition of the RapiScreen Beverage kit for the Innovate, the same trusted platform now can be used to test for contamination across their entire spectrum of products, quickly and efficiently.'
ATP bioluminescence is the industry standard for the rapid microbial screening of UHT and ESL beverage products.

Using proprietary innovations in enzyme technology, RapiScreen Beverage for Innovate delivers reliable and consistent results on a broad range of products in 24 - 48 hours. Additional benefits include:
  • Validation available on a wide variety of UHT/ESL beverage products including broths, soups, sport drinks, ready-to-drink teas, yogurt-based drinks, fruit juices and nutritional supplements

  • Effective on low pH products

  • Equally effective with filterable and non-filterable products

  • Process is non-destructive, allowing for further testing if needed

  • Validated on a wide range of microorganisms

The Celsis RapiScreen Beverage kit offers a cost-effective, rapid screening solution for the Innovate platform that drives quick results and ROI. Companies interested in learning more about RapiScreen Beverage for the Innovate can visit www.celsis.com/rapid for more information.

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Posted on January 5, 2009