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Celsis ReACT Family Adds New Kit for Quick Detection of Staph aureus

Celsis Rapid Detection has added a Staphylococcus aureus kit to the Celsis ReACT™ family of RNA-based microbial assays used for the rapid detection of objectionable organisms.

ReACT is a secondary assay used as a follow-up to positive Celsis AMPiScreen™ assay results. The primary Celsis AMPiScreen™ assay confirms the absence of bacteria, yeast and mould in as few as 24 hours, enabling the rapid release of ‘in spec´ product into distribution days faster than traditional microbiological methods. On those limited occasions when the AMPiScreen assay indicates contamination, ReACT provides critical information about the nature of the event in just two hours, allowing for a rapid response and corrective action.

'When contamination is detected in a typically clean production process, you need to know the source and if it is an objectionable organism, and you need to know fast,' explains Judy Madden, Vice President of Strategic Development. 'Together, AMPiScreen™ and ReACT are a one-two-punch that allows for the simple and efficient rapid release of product when production goes as planned and rapid response when something goes wrong.'

The Celsis ReACT GramNegative assay provides a yes/no answer about whether the contamination is by a Gram-negative organism. It has been validated extensively by a global consumer products company and is now in use at a number of facilities worldwide.

The new Celsis ReACT StaphAureus assay selectively screens for S. aureus. It was developed at the request of Celsis customers who identified S. aureus as an objectionable organism that, if present, would affect product release.

'Based on innovative molecular technology, the Celsis ReACT assay targets the unique rRNA signature of a species or group of microorganisms,' explains Andy Hearn, Senior Scientist at Celsis. 'Streamlined protocols help avoid the risks associated with typical molecular methods and make ReACT the easiest-to-use RNA system out there.'

Celsis also offers a ReACTion Custom Probe program to develop assays for product- or facility-specific bugs or strains.

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Posted on October 25, 2011