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Celsis International plc Announces Boots Manufacturing have Chosen the Celsis Advance System

Celsis International, a world leading rapid microbial testing company whose diagnostic systems detect and measure contamination for the pharmaceutical, personal care, dairy and beverage industries, announces Boots Manufacturing (BM) have chosen the Celsis Advance system to increase their product screening capability.

Boots Manufacturing is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of Healthcare and Toiletry Products in Europe. Their dosage form expertise spans solid dose and powders, liquids and creams and sterile products ranging from injectables to ophthalmic preparations.

The Celsis Advance system will provide BM with product screening test results in as little as 24 hours, thus markedly enhancing BM's ability to detect potential microbial quality problems as well as reduce 'product for sale' release times over other more traditional screening methods. The net result to BM and other Celsis customers will be significant financial savings by more effectively managing their supply chains to retail sale and reduced inventory and warehousing costs

Jay LeCoque, Chief Executive Officer, Celsis commented:

'We are delighted that Boots Manufacturing has decided to implement the Celsis Advance system in their UK manufacturing facility. I know the importance of Boots in the UK and in Europe and this agreement has been one of my personal objectives since we re-developed our customer facing capabilities in Europe. BM is one of Europe's leading contract developers and manufacturers in the personal care and over-the-counter pharmaceutical arenas and this investment will allow them enhanced control over their supply chain and quality management systems.'

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Posted on January 14, 2004