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A New Force in Food Safety

Further to the acquisition by the 3M Company of Biotrace International PLC, the UK-based manufacturer and supplier of industrial microbiology products, food processors in the UK will benefit from the combined force of these two industry leading companies through one extensive product range.

The united product portfolio allows 3M to provide food processors with a broad range of products needed to check the safety and quality of food production processes; these include the widely used Petrifilm plate product line, ATP-based rapid hygiene monitoring systems such as Clean-Trace, TECRA rapid pathogen, toxin and allergen kits, products for environmental and carcass sampling, dilution and enrichment and ATP-based milk sterility tests.

Commenting on the acquisition Stella Hegarty, UK General Sales and Marketing Manager for 3M Food Safety said "The Biotrace and Tecra product ranges are leaders in their respective markets. In common with 3M Food Safety products, a great deal of emphasis has been placed on high quality, easy to use products, coupled with exceptional service and backed up by immense scientific knowledge and experience. Whilst there may be a number of similar products currently available, it was these qualities which made Biotrace International the obvious choice."

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Source : Biotrace International plc [United Kingdom]
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Posted on March 22, 2007