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Are Your Cleaning Procedures Removing Allergens?

TECRA Aller-tect™ is a simple and very sensitive swab test for the detection of protein residues. Checking for removal of protein residues after cleaning can quickly identify contamination. As the majority of allergens are proteins, if a surface is found to be protein-free, it is also free of those allergens.

TECRA Aller-tect has been validated for a range of allergens and approximate limits of detection for each have been determined.

Aller-tect requires little technical training and is ideal for use in a production facility. Simply swab, click, heat and read!

Sensitive results make this a reliable tool to include in any Allergen Management Plan and can be used in conjunction with the TECRA Allergen VIA kits (for testing specific allergens), for a complete allergen testing solution.

In addition to Allergen testing, Biotrace International offers a complete line of the products needed to check the safety and quality of food production processes; including rapid pathogen and toxin tests, products for environmental and carcass sampling, dilution and enrichment and ATP testing that gives a “real time” assessment of plant sanitation.

For more information about the new Aller-tect swab and the full range of Biotrace Industrial microbiology products, visit the Biotrace website or use the contact details at the top of this page.

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Source : Biotrace International plc [United Kingdom]
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Posted on June 22, 2006