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Salmonella Detection Under 22 Hours

Salmonella Unique

The TECRA® UNIQUE™ Salmonella test from Biotrace International provides a simple and rapid method to detect Salmonella spp. in food and environmental samples in less than 22 hours!

The test provides sensitive and accurate detection of Salmonella spp. and is independently validated by AOAC, AFNOR and EMMAS amongst others.

All the reagents are provided in ready-to-use, self-contained modules and the positive and negative controls are built-in. This makes UNIQUE Salmonella ideal for running a single test or for testing multiple samples.

Unlike many other rapid Salmonella tests, UNIQUE Salmonella can be run manually, or it can be fully automated using the UNIQUE PLUS™ instrument.

There is only one simple enrichment step, saving on media and autoclaving costs. For greater convenience, Biotrace's Quick-Enrich™ MBPW can be used with UNIQUE Salmonella. Quick-Enrich MBPW consists of 225mL of sterile Modified Buffered Peptone Water (enough for one 25g sample) pre-dispensed in a stand-up bag. Simply add the sample to the bag, mix and incubate.

Other tests in the expanding TECRA UNIQUE product range include UNIQUE Listeria, UNIQUE Campylobacter and UNIQUE Staphylococcal Enterotoxins.

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Source : Biotrace International plc [United Kingdom]
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Posted on March 28, 2006