New design for oxoid contact plates

New Thermo Scientific Contact Plates

Thermo Scientific Limited has introduced a new plate design for the Thermo Scientific range of Contact Plates. This range of plates is designed for the microbiological testing of surfaces, and the new format makes them even easier to store, handle and use.

The new plates are much easier to manipulate and more stable when stacked together. In addition, the new grip-lock lid helps to prevent accidental exposure of the agar and ensure the integrity of the medium during handling and transport.

Thermo Scientific Contact Plates are manufactured using a specialised, automated procedure to ensure a smooth, evenly distributed layer of agar on each plate. Surface sampling is achieved by gently rolling the domed surface of the agar onto the area to be tested. A grid on the base of the plate subdivides the growth area to aid accurate colony counts.

The Thermo Scientific Contact Plate range includes high quality culture media for total aerobic microbial counts, coliform bacteria counts and yeast/mould counts, as well as irradiated, triple-wrapped plates, ideal for use in designated clean areas.

For further information about the Thermo Scientific Contact Plates, please contact Thermo Scientific using contact details at the top of this page.

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Posted on November 9, 2006