Extensive range for growth and identification of anaerobes


Microbiology experts, Thermo Scientific Limited, have enhanced the Thermo Scientific range of products for the growth and identification of anaerobic bacteria with the addition of the RapID ANA II System – a rapid and easy to use method for the definitive biochemical identification of anaerobes in just 4 hours.

Each RapID ANA II panel incorporates a carefully selected range of biochemical and chromogenic tests in a disposable plastic tray. Unlike some alternative methods, RapID ANA II is not dependent on the growth of the organisms but detects specific constitutive enzymes. As a result, every panel can be incubated aerobically, without the need for an oil overlay, saving on both time and materials. Furthermore, the novel inoculation method allows each test well to be inoculated simultaneously, simplifying the procedure and allowing further time savings.

RapID ANA II is extremely easy to read and interpret. After incubation the wells are examined for distinct colour reactions. The resulting pattern of positive and negative results allows an accurate identification to be made using an extensive database containing over 90 anaerobic bacteria.

The comprehensive Thermo Scientific range includes a wide selection of culture media for the transport and growth of anaerobes. In addition, Thermo Scientific Atmosphere Generation Systems (AGS), including AnaeroGen, AnaeroJar and AnaeroGen Compact, are used to form ideal atmospheric conditions for the growth of anaerobes – quickly, conveniently and safely.

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Posted on November 8, 2006