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Bio-Rad Introduces Chromogenic Medium in the U.S. for Rapid Screening of MRSA

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. have introduced its MRSASelectTM test to the U.S. market, MRSASelectis a chromogenic medium used for the rapid screening of MRSA. Bio-Rad received FDA clearance for marketing its MRSASelect test in the U.S. in September. With high sensitivity and specificity as well as rapid and direct identification, the MRSASelect test can identify MRSA carriers in 24 hours. The MRSASelect test was introduced in Canada in 2005 and today it is the market leader there.

Several states, including Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, are beginning to mandate screening for MRSA in hospitals. Individuals can become carriers of MRSA by physical contact with (or inhalation of) the organism. To prevent transmission, the goal is to quickly identify and isolate carriers. The MRSASelect test will enable laboratories to speed up this process.

The MRSASelect test is performed on nasal specimens from patients and healthcare workers to screen for MRSA colonization. Chromogenic media are used to grow bacteria in the laboratory and identify them based on a color reaction. With this media MRSA can be differentiated from other microorganisms.

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Posted on November 6, 2007