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AOAC-RI Validation for foodproof E. coli O157 Detection Kit

BIOTECON Diagnostics has successfully completed an AOAC-RI validation for its foodproof® E. coli O157 Detection Kit, 5'Nuclease and the corresponding DNA extraction kits. This AOAC-RI approval as a Performance Tested MethodSM expands the broad range of certified foodproof® real-time PCR products.

The foodproof® E. coli O157 Detection Kit, 5'Nuclease is a very specific and sensitive test to detect the pathogenic organism E. coli O157 within 1.5 hours following one initial sample enrichment. The AOAC validation has been conducted with a wide variety of foods (meat products, fish and seafood, fruits and fruit juice, salad and vegetables, raw and processed dairy as well as other food matrices). As with all other foodproof® real-time PCR kits, most open-platform real-time PCR instruments (in which the user can adjust the time, temperature, and channels) are able to perform real-time PCR using the foodproof® E. coli O157 Detection Kit.

For convenience, users may choose the pre-aliquoted foodproof® ShortPrep II Kit or the bulk foodproof® StarPrep One Kit for DNA extraction, as each kit has been validated together with the foodproof® E. coli O157 Detection Kit. Both of these DNA extraction kits provide a system for fast and easy DNA-extraction from a variety of complex matrices.

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Posted on March 8, 2011