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The foodproof® RoboPrep+ Series: the First Automated Pathogen Detection System for the Food Industry

foodproof RoboPrep+
For a laboratory performing high-throughput routine testing of food samples, automation of analyses is key for greater efficiency.

The new foodproof® RoboPrep+ Series, offered by BIOTECON Diagnostics, is the first commercially available system for automated food sample preparation and subsequent PCR setup. It has been developed as a cost-effective tool for food pathogen testing, drastically reducing hands-on time and increasing lab efficiency.
Several different instrument versions and sizes are available to match laboratory throughput demands. The largest platform, the foodproof® RoboPrep+ 150-8, allows the simultaneous preparation of 96 samples in just 2 hours and 20 minutes (2 hours 40 minutes including PCR setup). No manual handling steps are necessary other than the loading of samples and consumables.

With only a few mouse clicks, each automated run is easily started using a validated, predefined protocol. Each foodproof® RoboPrep+ workstation meets the regulatory requirements in regard to CE and 21 CFR part 11. Full data traceability is achieved through barcode reading of samples. To prevent contamination, a hood and UV air filter are available.
BIOTECON Diagnostics offers complete pathogen detection solutions, including the robotic workstation, sample preparation and real-time PCR kits, consumables, as well as world-wide support, maintenance and service.

Automated sample preparation on the foodproof® RoboPrep+ workstation is performed using the foodproof® Magnetic Preparation Kit I. The kit's magnetic bead technology isolates highly purified DNA from liquid sample enrichments, while minimizing inhibiting matrix influences.

The foodproof® Magnetic Preparation Kit I has been developed in cooperation with a leading international confectionary manufacturer, who has begun implementing the foodproof® RoboPrep+ system for automated Salmonella detection in its sites globally.

For the rapid and reliable detection of Salmonella, BIOTECON Diagnostics offers the AOAC and NordVal validated foodproof® Salmonella Detection Kit. The kit detects down to 1-10 cells per 25 g sample and provides an unmatched inclusivity, showing no false-negative results when tested with more than 700 different Salmonella strains.

The validation of the foodproof® RoboPrep+ Series for other parameters, e.g. Listeria, is in process.

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Posted on August 24, 2010