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bioMerieux Introduces Revolutionary LockSure® Plate Technology

LockSure environmental monitoring plate
bioMerieux is pioneering the way in media development with the worldwide launch of its new LockSure® technology for secure environmental monitoring sampling.

bioMerieux has developed the novel, patented design for a lockable 90mm culture media plate that will be a new feature of its 3P™ Environmental Monitoring media range. The revolutionary LockSure technology prevents the plate lid from inadvertently becoming separated from its base.

'We are pleased to offer this inventive solution to our customers, who work in a very fast-paced and challenging environment,' said Alexandre Merieux, bioMerieux Corporate Vice President, Industrial Microbiology. 'LockSure will give them optimal security during the crucial post-monitoring stages of their processes and contribute directly to the integrity of their results.'

Plates may occasionally fall and the lids become scattered, thus invalidating the results and compromising the pharmaceutical product's quality. Whole product batches can be put on hold or even scrapped unnecessarily. With LockSure, a simple twist after sampling locks the lid and a simple reverse twist unlocks it for reading or isolation of colonies. bioMerieux's new technology will offer customers complete confidence during critical transport periods once monitoring has been performed.

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Posted on September 7, 2010