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bioMerieux Creates New Facility for Custom Culture Media

bioMerieux custom culture media for industrial microbiology
bioMerieux has stepped up its production capacity for custom culture media by building a dedicated production unit in Craponne (France), where the company´s main culture media production center is located.

The new facility will bolster bioMerieux´s product offering and ability to satisfy the agrifood and biopharmaceutical industries´ needs for custom manufacturing to meet their demanding quality requirements. Custom manufacturing is already possible at several bioMerieux sites. The creation of this new production unit heralds an important new step in the company´s commitment to improving customer satisfaction.
'This newly created facility enables us to satisfy our customers´ increasing needs for flexibility and special batch sizes to complement our standard product range,' said Alexandre Merieux, Corporate Vice President, bioMerieux Industrial Microbiology.

A high degree of flexibility is necessary (in terms of packaging, volume and media formulation) to satisfy a wide variety of industrial requirements, and standard products cannot always offer such flexibility. The new production unit will make it possible to supply very specific culture media, regardless of the batch size to be produced.

The solutions provided by bioMerieux are validated and produced in compliance with ISO 9001 and GMP standards.

In addition, a dedicated scientific team is available to advise customers in selecting the most appropriate microbiological solution. This team also offers scientific support to facilitate product validation on the customers´ premises.

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Posted on September 24, 2009