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bioMerieux Adapts Production to Support Global H1N1 Vaccine Production

bioMerieux sterility testing media

bioMerieux is increasing its production to support the global effort to fight the Influenza pandemic. The company´s culture media for sterility testing* is used by vaccine manufacturers during the quality control of their production process to help ensure product safety. Sterility testing is critical for the control and release of vaccines on the market.
bioMerieux´s main culture media production site in Craponne (France) is mobilized to meet the growing need for sterility testing media. The company increased its safety stock at the first signs of a potential pandemic, enabling it to meet the extra demand from global vaccine manufacturers in recent weeks. It is preparing for an expected rise in orders over the coming months, when the first batches of Influenza A/H1N1 vaccine will be produced and released. A global continuity plan is underway to ensure consistent service and a steady supply of priority products for the pandemic.

'bioMerieux has been in close communication with its pharmaceutical customers globally to
support increased production capacity efforts for the influenza vaccine,' said Alexandre Merieux, Corporate Vice President, Industrial Microbiology. 'We are taking the necessary measures to ready our teams and ensure a secure supply of products at a critical time for public health worldwide'.

Together with the recently launched Media Fill line, bioMerieux provides a complete solution for the control of process and product sterility to ensure patient safety. In addition to its solutions for industrial microbiological control, bioMerieux is contributing to the fight against Influenza A/H1N1 in the area of clinical diagnostics. To help physicians rapidly assess their patients and take the necessary isolation steps, the company is adapting its NucliSENS EasyQ® Influenza A/B test to include this new strain.

bioMerieux is currently building stock of specific reagents for its NucliSENS® easyMAG® molecular diagnostics system, which is being used for extraction of influenza viral nucleic acids, a preliminary step in testing, at several public health laboratories in the world.

bioMerieux also distributes Quidel´s QuickVue® Influenza A+B and QuickVue Influenza A/B rapid tests. However, the effectiveness of these tests to detect the H1N1 strain is currently being evaluated.

*Specific culture media references:
reference 44001 - Fluid Thioglycolate Medium
reference 44011 - Trypcase Soy Broth
reference 44021 - Fluid Thioglycolate clear Medium
reference 42044 - Rinsing Fluid A
reference 42616 - Rinsing Fluid A
reference 42624 - Rinsing Fluid D

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Posted on July 24, 2009