bioMérieux TEMPO® Granted Approval for Performance-Tested Methods from AOAC Research Institute

Automated tests validated as effective test methods for
E. coli, Total Coliforms and Total Viable Count

TEMPO card

bioMérieux Industry, a world leader in industrial microbiology, has been granted Performance-Tested Methods (PTM) approval from the AOAC Research Institute for the TEMPO® TVC (Total Viable Count) test, TEMPO CC (Total Coliforms) test, and TEMPO EC (E. coli) test.

The TEMPO tests were validated and certified as PTM methods for total viable count and the detection and enumeration of E. coli and total coliforms after rigorous and comprehensive testing under the guidelines of the AOAC Research Institute.

“The AOAC Research Institute independent laboratory reported the TEMPO system was easy to use and the software was intuitive and user-friendly,” said Robert Jechorek, rtech laboratories, AOAC RI independent testing laboratory. “By eliminating numerous manual procedures, the automation of the TEMPO system provides reliable, rapid Most Probable Number (MPN) results, significant economic savings in labor, and increased efficiency.”

The PTM approval certifies TEMPO EC, TEMPO CC and TEMPO TVC for the testing of a variety of food categories, including a select group of raw and frozen meat and poultry products, fish products, fruit and vegetable products, dairy products, pasteurized eggs and some processed foods. In addition to the foods listed above, TEMPO EC and TEMPO CC are certified to test dry pet food.

The AOAC RI's independent laboratory determined that the TEMPO system could provide total viable count MPN results in a minimum of 4 0 hours compared to 48 hours for the AOAC method, total coliform MPN results in 24 hours versus four days for the AOAC MPN method, and E. coli MPN results in 24 hours compared to six days for the AOAC MPN method.

“bioMérieux is proud to have our products granted such a reputable status by the AOAC Research Institute,” said Herb Steward, Executive Vice President, bioMérieux, Inc. “The TEMPO system represents our contribution to increasing the level of food safety for consumers, and we are thrilled to be recognized as an innovative leader in this industry.”

TEMPO automates testing for quality indicator organisms, including total viable count, coliform count, generic E. coli, and Enterobacteriaceae. The technology behind TEMPO is based on the established microbiological MPN method. Through automation, TEMPO takes the older, labor-intensive MPN method and standardizes numerous preparation steps, interpretation, and t est results. The outcome is a fast, accurate method with more reliability than the original process. TEMPO reagents are developed and manufactured in France.

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Posted on July 16, 2007