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Microrings and Rapid Strip Tests

M W & E's Rapid Strip Tests don't hang around. Get those daily screening tests out of the way at the bench and at low cost! These are a range of paper strip tests for urease, oxidase, or indole producers. There are also quick tests for ß-lactamase, aminopeptidase, and aesculin hydrolysis.

PRO-TEST® is a rapid strip test for urease. Simply smear some of a colony onto the yellow strip, and within 2 minutes urease positive organisms, such as Proteus or Helicobacter will produce a pink-red zone.

PYO-TEST® is a rapid and convenient test for cytochrome oxidase (e.g. Pseudomonas, Neisseria and Campylobacter). The strip contains a colourless dye which turns deep purple within seconds when smeared with an oxidase positive organism. The reagent includes a stabiliser to prevent the autooxidation seen with liquid formulations.

INDO-TEST® incorporates p-dimethylaminocinnamadehyde (DMACA) for the rapid and sensitive detection of indole produced by E. coli. The reaction occurs within 30 seconds.

can detect ß-lactamase within 5 minutes. The strips contain benzylpenicillin which is hydrolysed by ß-lactamase producers to give a yellow spot on a purple background.

GRAM-TEST® detects aminopeptidase present in the cell walls of Gram-negative organisms. It is not intended to replace traditional Gram-stains, but offers a convenient optional test for some organisms (e.g. anaerobes) which are difficult to stain accurately. In a study with 66 fresh isolates of a wide range of species and strains at the National Institute of Health, Tokyo, Dr. Riichi Sakazaki (of Enterobacter sakazakii fame) showed that Gram Test gave the correct result in each case, and the results were in agreement with Gram stain and with the KOH "string test"). On the Gram Test strip, Gram-negative organisms produce a bright yellow zone within 1 minute.

AH-TEST™ demonstrates aesculin hydrolysis (e.g. for Enterococcus and Group D Streptococcus) on colonies taken directly from isolation plates. This test does require the strip to be incubated, and although up to 4 hours may be required, a good positive (black against a straw-coloured background) may be seen in around one hour.

As with M W & E's other products, Rapid Test Strips come in convenient colour coded vials, ideal for quick selection of test at the bench. Each vial contains 25 strips, all with a year's shelf-life. In most cases the entire strip is impregnated with the reagent and many users find they can do several tests with one strip. (The exception is Gram -Test which has a printed test zone and control zone on each strip).

For full details of these, and a range of other convenient products for the busy microbiology lab, visit www.mwe.co.uk and request or download a brochure. You can also download a useful flowchart showing how these tests can be used together as a convenient identification scheme for urine pathogens.

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Posted on January 8, 2007