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Polywipe Sponge Swabs
A new report has shown that Polywipe™ Sponge Swabs (from Medical Wire) are particularly effective in the detection of Clostridium difficile on surfaces in the near patient environment.

It was shown that when combined with an enrichment step, C. difficile could be isolated and identified from surface concentrations as low as 2 cfu on a 30cm x 15cm aluminium sheet, even when dried for one hour.
Hospital acquired infection due to Clostridium difficile has been increasing, and is a cause of real concern. The emergence of virulent strains such as ribotype 027 mean that such infection presents a real danger, particularly to vulnerable patients, and the condition is particularly distressing. It is important to understand how it spreads from patient to patient, with near patient surfaces considered to be a potential vectors.

Polywipes™ are sterile premoistened blue cellulose sponge swabs, with a size 10cm x 5cm. The sponge material has been specially selected and prepared to ensure it is completely non-inhibitory to bacteria and other microorganisms. The sponge is premoistened in a phosphate buffer, and individually sealed in an easy to open peel pouch. Using sterile disposable gloves (which can be supplied) the sponge is used to sample the surface being tested. The sponge is then placed in a suitable bag or container and taken to the laboratory for analysis.

Best, E.L., W. N. Fawley, P. Parnell, & M. H. Wilcox. 2010, The Potential for Airborne Dispersal of Clostridium difficile from Symptomatic Patients, Clinical Infectious Diseases, 50:1450-1457

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Product Code Description Pack size
MW729 Polywipe™ Premoistened Sponge Swab in Peel Pouch 50
MW729A Polywipe™ Premoistened Sponge Swab in Peel Pouch with Bags 50
MW729B Polywipe™ Premoistened Sponge Swab in Peel Pouch with Gloves & Bags 50

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Posted on June 22, 2010