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Meet Sigma-Virocult®'s Little Brother!

Medical Wire has added to its successful Sigma-Virocult® range with some new products featuring a smaller collection tube. The new products contain exactly the same Virocult® medium as in Sigma-Virocult®, so widely used in 2009 H1N1 investigations, and also the original in Virocult® products used and trusted over many years. The new smaller tube, however, allows a smaller 1 ml fill of medium with a resultant higher titre of any virus particles in the specimen. This increases the sensitivity of any diagnostic procedures, reducing time for appearance of cytopathic effect in culture, or positive PCR results.

The new products are available with either standard or fine tip Sigma-Swabs®, and it is also now possible to have Virocult® medium in a tube on its own, to allow it to be used with other swabs or collection devices.
Sigma-Swabs® are Medical Wire's clinical specimen collection swabs. The bud is made from an advanced open-cell foam material that allows complete flow through, absorption and release of microorganisms and reagents, for optimum sensitivity of all procedures.

The standard Sigma-Virocult® with larger tube and 2ml fill will also continue to be available, and there should be a version to suit every application.

MW951S Sigma-Virocult® with Standard S-Swab with breakpoint, 1ml, in new smaller tube
Sigma-Virocult® with Mini-Tip S-Swab with breakpoint, 1ml, in new smaller tube
MW951T Virocult® medium only, 1 ml in new small tube

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Posted on January 19, 2010