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New from Medical Wire for AACC Sigma-Virocult® and Sigma-Virocult® ENT

Sigma Virocult H1N1 swab
Medical Wire will be at this year's AACC meeting at Chicago from 21-23 July. Come and visit us on Booth 4240.

A number of new products will be featured including Sigma- Virocult®, which has already played a key role in many countries for the surveillance of Novel H1N1 Influenza Virus (Swine Flu), and now joined by Sigma-Virocult® ENT , for nasopharyngeal, and urethral virus specimens. All Sigma-swabs™ feature Medical Wire's new open celled foam tip buds which provide not only high absorbency of microorganisms, but also complete flow through of reagents, for optimum specimen collection and maximum test sensitivity.
Sigma-Virocult® ENT has the same Sigma swab open-celled foam, but in a narrow full length bud, and fine plastic shaft with breakpoint. In the context of Novel H1N1 it provides the ideal collection device for nasal and nasopharyngeal specimens,and of course it is suitable for most many other viruses. Both Sigma-Virocult® and Sigma-Virocult® ENT are supplied Medical Wire's Virocult® medium which is suitable for both cell-culture and molecular techniques, and is fully compliant with CLSI's M40 A standard.

Sigma-Swabs™ are also available in a range of dry single and duo-formats (without medium) ready to use with most microbiological applications.

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Posted on July 14, 2009