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On 27th April 2009, the WHO Director-General raised the level of influenza pandemic alert regarding Swine Flu from phase 3 to phase 41, meaning that the likelihood of a pandemic has increased, although not yet inevitable.

The decision was based mainly on epidemiological data demonstrating human-to-human transmission and the ability of the virus to cause community-level outbreaks.

Medical Wire has a range of products well suited for these contingencies.

  • Virocult® is a dedicated virus transport device designed for cell culture, and compatible with rapid molecular techniques such as DFA, ELISA / EIA, PCR (including RT-PCR and Real Time PCR) for influenza viruses. It is the device of choice when specimens may have to be submitted for full identification in state and national reference laboratories. It can be stored and transported at room temperature, as well as refrigerated temperatures. A recently presented study2 showed it to be completely compatible with cell culture and molecular techniques.

  • Sigma™ Swab, Medical Wire's new open-cell foam tip swabs are ideal for rapid testing. The open cell structure allows maximum access for reagents for enhanced sensitivity. In a recent study, open - cell foam tip swabs were more sensitive than flocked swabs3 with a rapid test for influenza virus. Sigma™ Swabs are available in singly in peel pouch format, or in single or duo format in labelled tubes.

  • Dry swabs, Medical Wire's extensive range includes standard and fine-tip plastic, straight wire and fine twisted wire (classic nasopharyngeal) all with rayon buds for sampling and compatible with culture or molecular techniques. Standard plastic shafts are also available with polyester buds.

For full details and technical references please check our website.

Virocult® conforms to CLSI's M40-A standard4 for viral transport devices. All the above products are approved and registered for use throughout the world, including the US and Canada.

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Posted on April 29, 2009