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Remel Saline 0.45% Now Available In Plastic Tube with Screw Cap

Remel is introducing Saline 0.45% (3.0 ml) in a plastic tube with screw cap for use with automated ID/AST (identification/antimicrobial susceptibility test) systems, specifically the Vitek® 2, manufactured by bioMerieux, Inc. With the ready-made Remel Saline 0.45% (3.0 ml), product number R064464, instrument users can eliminate the multi-step process and contamination risk associated with dispensing 0.45% saline from a large bottle into a small useable plastic tube. In addition, the company is modifying the existing Remel Saline 0.45% (1.8 ml), product number R064462, used with the legacy Vitek® system; to be manufactured using the same plastic tube and screw cap.

The Saline 0.45% is contained in an easy-to-use plastic tube that is optically clear for ease in adjusting the organism density in the saline in order to standardize the inoculum strength and is also convenient for reading with a Vitek® densitometer. Saline 0.45% (1.8 ml and 3.0 ml) can be easily stored, transported, and used with reduced risk of breakage or spillage.

The tubes are pre-filled and ready for use and ideal for preventing accidental breakage in the instrument, thereby reducing downtime, and potential risk of exposure to an infectious agent. The tube size for both products is 12 x 75 mm, and easily fits into the tube carrier used with the Vitek® instruments. Both products contain 100 tubes per package. Remel Saline 0.45% provides safety, convenience, and ease-of-use when performing specific automated identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing.

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Posted on May 20, 2009