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Pall Presentation on qPCR at Rapid Micro Methods Conference, Austria

Make sure to attend the European Compliance Academy's forthcoming 'Rapid Microbiological Methods' conference in Vienna where Pall's Dr Peter Ball will present on 'Novel qPCR Technology As a Rapid Tool for Microbial Detection', on Wednesday 9th December. This presentation will offer a concise overview of qPCR, and focus on specific pharmaceutical industry requirements for microbiological quality control testing.

Several industries, including food safety, have already adopted qPCR as a rapid method for detecting microorganisms. Microbiological quality control testing in the biopharmaceutical industry includes several applications well-suited to qPCR but these requirements have not been served well by previous qPCR platforms. Pall's GeneDisc® technology is changing this by providing a unique, highly simplified and controlled method well suited to these requirements. Dr Ball will also explain how the technology offers:

  • Same-day data, minimizing the need to operate manufacturing processes at risk

  • Organism-specific quantification of microbial contaminants, ensuring accurate and precise results

  • Highly reproducible data based on a novel 'consumable and instrument' design

  • Minimal operator-attended steps, thus minimizing errors and maximizing ease of use and consistency
Take time to visit Pall's tabletop stand adjacent to the Conference room, where the GeneDisc® technology will be on display with Pall experts available to assist you with questions and queries related to qPCR. Also, make sure to visit Pall's workshop in the Levade Room on Tuesday 8th December.

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Posted on November 11, 2009