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AOAC Approval for Single Step Enrichment Listeria Test

BioControl Systems, Inc., has received AOAC Performance Tested Method approval for its new Assurance GDS™ for Listeria spp. assay (No. 070701). BioControl has become one of the first manufacturers to complete AOAC Research Institute’s new Performance Tested Method program which was recently redesigned and harmonized with the AOAC Official Method of Analysis validation process.

Assurance GDS for Listeria spp. was found to be equivalent to or better than the reference culture methods for both food and environmental samples. Assurance GDS for Listeria spp. provides 24 hour results for all species of Listeria (including L. grayi and L. murayi).

"The utilization of IMS-based sample preparation procedures combined with our advanced probe-based molecular detection technology enables GDS to provide an unprecedented level of speed, ease-of-use and accuracy in pathogen detection", explains Phil Feldsine, CEO. "In fact, Assurance GDS is the first DNA-based system capable of providing results for all major pathogens, Salmonella; E. coli O157:H7; Listeria monocytogenes; and Listeria spp. in 24 hours or less", says Feldsine.

In addition to faster results, Assurance GDS for Listeria spp. employs a simple a single step enrichment procedure that does not require proprietary media. "The combination of 24 hour Listeria results and a simple cost effective enrichment protocol provides customers with dramatic benefits", states Anita Kressner, Director of Sales and Marketing. "Many labs have already reported that the reduction in hands-on time and labor associated with a single-step enrichment protocol has produced significant cost savings", relates Kressner.

In addition to Listeria spp., the Assurance GDS system includes assays for E coli O157:H7 (AOAC Official Method 2005.04), Shiga Toxin Genes (AOAC Official Method 2005.05), Salmonella (AOAC Performance Tested Method 050602) and Listeria monocytogenes (AOAC approval pending). BioControl has been a recognized leader in the development of innovative rapid microbiological tests for the food industry since 1985. They offer an extensive line of proprietary, rapid tests for pathogen detection, quality control, and hygiene monitoring. For more information contact BioControl at 425.603.1123.

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Posted on August 20, 2007