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E-Swab - versatile transport swab

Are you looking to carry out multiple tests or to improve overall sample collection? Sterilin® is now able to offer E-Swab - the most advanced and versatile transport swab on the market.

Comprising a self-standing tube containing 1ml of liquid Amies medium and a flocked swab, it will maintain the viability of aerobes, anaerobes and fastidious bacteria for up to 48 hrs at room temperature and will also preserve nucleic acids and antigens of bacteria, viruses and Chlamydia.

The unique flocked swab ensures maximum sample recovery and also maximum sample release into the medium. For standard microbial culture the 1ml of liquid Amies ensures that each and every plate sub-cultured from the medium receives a similar inoculum unlike that achieved with conventional swabs where the inoculum gets less on subsequent plates, which unfortunately could lead to erroneous results. The medium also provides sufficient inoculum for further testing such as PCR, and is well suited to centrifugation and other automated processes.

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Source : Barloworld Scientific (formerly Bibby Sterilin) View Company Information

Posted on April 27, 2007