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E-Mil is Changing......

The famous E-Mil brand of borosilicate volumetric glassware, long renowned within the scientific community for quality and accuracy, is about to disappear – only to be replaced by another great name in scientific glassware – Pyrex®.

Pyrex® borosilicate glassware, unrivalled in terms of thermal and chemical resistance, is designed and manufactured to the highest specifications. From now on, new Pyrex® volumetric flasks will be calibrated to meet the tightest of tolerances including those required by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP).

While maintaining the much-envied Pyrex® reputation for the highest quality and accuracy, Barloworld Scientific are confident that the new range of volumetric glassware will set the industry standard for consistently safe and trustworthy performance.

To celebrate the rebranding of their borosilicate glassware range with the Pyrex® badge, Barloworld Scientific are giving away £1000 worth of laboratory glassware and equipment. For more information visit

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Posted on March 7, 2007