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Accessorise to maximise - Hotplate Stirrers widen their field

To complement their highly successful Stuart hotplate stirrers range, Bibby Sterilin has introduced a new range of accessories to widen their application areas even further.

Accidental spillages of corrosive chemicals do sometimes occur in the laboratory which could not only damage the appearance of the equipment but also reduce its lifespan. A new protective Esco silicone rubber cover for all Bibby Sterilin hotplate stirrers solves the problem. It is resistant to most common chemicals, assuring maximum protection.

Two new aluminium baths have also been introduced. Equipped with phenolic handles, the new oil bath is the safe alternative to the use of glass containers, providing the perfect medium for accurate and even temperature control. The sand bath is used to dry heat test tubes and other small vessels. Both the oil and sand baths have four feet to secure the bath to the plate, preventing it from moving or sliding.

The aluminium block for round bottom flasks presents a revolutionary way of using hotplate/stirrers as heating mantles. With four different sized holes, the block will cater for round bottom flasks either individually or several at a time, optimising the use of the hotplate stirrer.

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Posted on May 22, 2002