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Comprehensive Surface Sampling with Swab Rinse Kits

Sampling surfaces and equipment is routine practice in any situation where compliance with stringent bioburden control is essential, such as hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and food manufacturing sites.

To satisfy the requirements of different sampling protocols, Sterilin® has a range of Swab Rinse Kits (SRKs) for routine environmental and hygiene control.

Suitable for the sampling of any surface, whether wet or dry, the kits are also invaluable for getting to those hard to reach areas inside pipe-work, equipment and machinery.

The kits are available with either a separate swab and tube of rinse solution, or with the swab integral within the tube for ease of handling. The SRK rinse solution is a general purpose medium for the maintenance of bacteria or fungi which also neutralises disinfectants and sanitising agents.

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Source : Barloworld Scientific (formerly Bibby Sterilin) View Company Information

Posted on October 2, 2006