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Pyrex® Laboratory Glassware - When the Going Getting Tough

Barloworld Scientific’s range of Pyrex® laboratory glassware products are renowned for their excellent thermal performance and resistance to chemical attack. Manufactured from low expansion borosilicate glass of the highest specification, Pyrex® lab products are designed and developed to give maximum performance, safety and reliability.

Pyrex® heavy duty measuring cylinders are now even more resistant to the knocks of everyday use. Made with up to 20% more borosilicate glass and featuring ultra-tough heavily beaded rims and spouts as well as thicker walls, they are significantly more resistant to impact fracture. The base is also reinforced, providing greater stability. The advantages to the customer - less breakages, fewer accidents and lower replacement costs.

Pyrex® Heavy Duty measuring cylinders are available in popular sizes from 10ml to 2L, tall form or low form for extra stability.

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Posted on July 17, 2006