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Tube Rollers Mix With Minimum Aeration

Barloworld Scientific has built some useful new features into its highly popular range of Stuart® tube rollers.

Stuart® tube rollers have a gentle rocking and rolling action and are ideal for mixing blood samples and solid liquid suspensions where minimum aeration is required.

Two new analogue rollers, one with six rollers for space saving and one with nine rollers, are ideal for high throughput laboratories. The analogue models operate at a fixed speed of 33rpm. Both analogue models have simple control and quiet operation.

The range has also been expanded to include two digital models, also in six and nine roller configurations. The digital models have adjustable speed between 5 and 60rpm. They also include an accurate timer, capable of measurement in hours and minutes or minutes and seconds.

Also new to the range are space-saving stacking blocks which allow up to three tube rollers to be stacked in virtually any combination, optimising bench space. The stacking blocks use powerful magnets to securely stack the tube rollers, no tools are required!

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Source : Barloworld Scientific (formerly Bibby Sterilin) View Company Information

Posted on May 22, 2006