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New Contact Plate for accurate Hygiene Monitoring

New contact plate

The convex profile of the new Sterilin contact plate is set to make life easier for quality assurance and quality control professionals the world over.

The domed-based model is easier to fill, gives a better meniscus with the media, and, unlike the flat-based plate, produces a raised profile when dry. This creates increased contact between the agar bed and surface area or environment under test, ensuring far more efficient and accurate sampling.

As with all Sterilin products, the new contact plates have been produced to the highest quality specification. To obtain maximum optical clarity, they are aseptically manufactured in clean room conditions, using mirror finished moulds to eliminate mould marks or loose particle contamination.

The physical dimensions have been stringently monitored to ensure a perfect fit with all plate pourers. With a 25 cm 2 surface area and a numbered grid to facilitate colony counting, the contact plate is triple-vented for efficient gaseous exchange, and features a deep skirt dish base to aid stability when stacked.

Contact plate description

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Posted on May 7, 2002