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One Day Course in QPCR

The University of Hertfordshire has held its first training course in real-time PCR using Quantica® , the real time thermal cycler made by Techne. The University, which is already known for its seminar program covering the latest molecular techniques such as bioinformatics, PCR and protein expression, has added QPCR to its choice of courses as it is now the principle method for quantifying DNA and mRNA.

The one-day course provided an introduction to the technique, covering topics such as design and optimisation of assays, analysis of data and various applications. The day also offered the opportunity for everyone to perform a real QPCR assay using Techne´s Quantica QPCR system. Seminars were given by Dr. David Sugden from King´s College London and Dr Jayne Bates and Nicky Burbidge from Barloworld Scientific.

The course catered for the QPCR novice and the more experienced scientist. Feedback from the scientists was very positive including the comments 'excellent course, very informative' and 'the course will allow me to carry out my real time PCRs with more confidence'.

Quantica® was designed with an open instrument and applications software architecture, allowing the end user full flexibility of the methods and research they wish to pursue.

Quantica´s optical system caters for all fluorophores commonly used for real time applications by virtue of its simple to operate, user interchangeable filter cartridge system. Allowing up to 4 multiplexed dyes to be excited and detected in one experiment, new cartridges can be added as requirements, or even the industry standards change.

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Source : Barloworld Scientific (formerly Bibby Sterilin) View Company Information

Posted on December 2, 2005