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New Training Aid for Microbiology Labs

Sterilin G-Plates

Sterilin®, pioneers in high quality single use plastics, have designed a clever new training aid for use in Microbiology laboratories.

Sterilin® G-Plates are templates that can be used for training operators to pour and inoculate plates correctly. The laboratory petri dishes are fitted onto the templates, locating grooves around rim of the G-Plates secure the petri dish in place during procedure.

A guide line on the G-Plate indicates when the correct volume of agar has been poured, and a clear, traceable five-point streak enables single colony isolation, ideal for teaching and improving streaking and spreading techniques.

Made from from tough polypropylene, Sterilin® G-Plates are also easy to wipe down and clean.

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Posted on August 18, 2004

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