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Esco Expands Clean Room Facilities

Esco Tubing

Bibby Sterilin’s Esco division, UK leading experts in moulding and extrusion of silicone rubber, has expanded its clean room facilities at the company’s ISO9001:2000 plant in South Wales.

Esco manufactures and assembles bespoke clinical products for the medical device and diagnostic markets. Many of these processes take place within a totally controlled, microbiologically clean environment. The company’s ever-increasing reputation for products manufactured under such conditions has been matched in recent years by growth in customer demand, particularly in the silicone tube area.

Esco has responded by enlarging specific work areas in its ISO class 7 clean room, improving both the production capacity and facilities and hence the total service offered.

To meet the varied needs of today’s industrial and medical laboratories, Esco also offers a complete range of standard silicone products, details of which can be viewed on the company’s web site.

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Posted on June 18, 2004