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Small Footprint Shakers and Rockers

Benchtop Shaker

Bibby Sterilin has added a personal touch to its range of Stuart® shakers and rockers with the addition of some smart, new, space-saving units with footprints no bigger than a sheet of A4 paper.

The new compact shakers and rockers are ideal for personal use or anywhere where benchtop space is limited. Small, however, doesn’t mean a compromise on features. All models have digital selection of speed for reproducible settings, as well as a digital timer. Most common movement types are represented – orbital, vibratory, gyro and see-saw rocking. There is also a range of accessory tiers to increase working space.

Meanwhile the popular Stuart® range of large platform shakers and rockers – designed for busy labs with multiple users - has also been updated with a new look and a few deft new features.

Retaining their renowned reputation for reliability and quiet, smooth operation, the large ‘labscale’ models now have a digital read-out of speed as well as an increased range; the shakers can now be set at speeds up to 300rpm and the rockers as low as 5rpm. A digital timer is offered as standard. Working times up to 999 minutes can be set and shaking is automatically halted after count down is complete. Most movements are represented - orbital, reciprocating, gyro and see-saw rocking.

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Posted on May 3, 2004