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Sterilin Petri Dishes - Now CE Marked

CE marked Petri Dishes from Sterilin

Hot on the heels of Bibby Sterilin's polystyrene containers, a range of 90mm petri dishes now carry the distinctive CE mark, denoting their compliance with the latest IVD Directive (IVD-Directive 98/79/EC) which becomes mandatory in December 2003.

The leading UK manufacturer of single use laboratory plastics, Sterilin pioneered petri dishes over 40 years ago, and their comprehensive range now features 30 to 140mm sizes in a wide choice of configurations to suit most applications. All offer the highest level of quality and performance with excellent clarity from mirror-finished moulds.

Designed specifically for in vitro diagnostic use, the 90mm Petri dish is the most widely used product in the microbiology industry and is ideal for all applications. It is aseptically manufactured under class 10,000 standard clean-room conditions - an environment which ensures no contact with any contaminants, guaranteeing extremely high sterility assurance levels.

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Posted on December 16, 2003